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The ID of Identity


Our society is founded on communication and image. This consists of showcasing in a daring fashion, sometimes innovating, while never betraying one's authenticity.



Communication and audiovisual production for TV & Cinema.

Communication Pole

  1. Commercial strategies / Business providers.
  2. External and internal business communication.
  3. Event communication.
  4. Visual communication consultancy :

    Visual communication consultancy is an occupation in its own right which requires artistic and human skills, communication and psychological talents :

    • Manage talent.
    • Capture digital image.
    • Network in luxury stores and fashion houses.
    • Department TOUCH (Make-up – hair – restyling).
    • Put together a strategy (schedule planning) with audition agents and producers for their media and public relations.

    — Examples : Models, Extras, Stylists, Hostesses, Actors

    The services provided by The ID of the Identity will have a real impact on different points :

    • Control your look.
    • Enhance your image capital.
    • Optimize your visual impact.
    • Bring forward your strengths.
    • Strengthen your personality.

Production Pole

  1. Assistance in audio-visual production management :

    Organize, coordinate, take on a leadership role. Put together an audio-visual project :

    • Ads.
    • Institutional.
    • Cinéma.
    • Video clip.
  2. Tv Producer:

    I organize the production and the direction of TV advertisements. But also, depending on demand, taken on the role of spokesperson for the agency, for the advertiser and for production firms.


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